Registered for F-Skatt

About us

Fast-growing company “Gytehus” JSC performs construction, repair and renovation works in Lithuania and Sweden. The company is registeredin the F-Skatt Register, so the tax breaks Rotavdrag can be applied to clients in Sweden. This amount shall be compensated by the state.

The company has high-qualified employees, who improve their qualification both in Lithuania and Sweden. Our specialists successfully implemented many complex projects therefore we are able to provide our clients the following high quality services:

Different types of construction works, external renovation of buildings, roof renovation, as well as construction of summerhouses and buildings for horse ridings. Upon request of the client, the company employees can erect the walls, change the floor, and renovate bathrooms and kitchens.

The work is carried out consideringtheclient`sdemands, applying the best advanced technologies and selecting advanced,rational, constructive, highly efficient solutions at a favourable price.

Why is it worth to choose “Gytehus” JSC?

  • Long-term experience in construction business provides the possibility to carry out the planned high-quality works on time;
  • The company has responsible and reliable employees, who seek to find the most optimal optionconsidering the client’s demands;
  • All construction and renovation works are agreed with the client;
  • We work using the high-quality materials;
  • Flexible price;
  • If necessary, the work schedule is agreed with the possibilities of the client;

Thus, if you are interested in quality, punctuality, responsibility and flexibility and looking for the best solution, do not hesitate to contact “Gytehus” JSC, because “Gytehus” will consider yourdesires and perform the work flawlessly.