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Buildings for horse ridings – are the perfect place for riding training. In order to practice comfortably it`s important that good lighting, adequate ventilation, strong walls and windows, easy-opening (sliding) door, non-slip floor would be installed in the buildings for riding. If you select unsuitable flooring, the frightened horses can slip and injury themselves seriously, inadequate walls will pass air and not only you but also your horse can freeze during the training, and problems related to door opening will take time of you and other persons. Thus, the construction of the building for horse riding requires the exact design, consideration of all details, careful and diligent work. Our specialists offer this only.

We do not build the body of the buildings for riding but we perform all other works:

  • install the external walls of buildings for horse riding,
  • install windows,
  • install doors,
  • cover the roof;
  • professionally install riding fences,
  • upon the client’s request, install also auxiliary premises,
  • mount the boxes to manage the horses,
  • if necessary, carry out renovation works

Thus, do not hesitate to contact us and your training will be more effective and the time spent in the riding arena – more pleasant.

The samples of works related to buildings for riding»