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The most common roofing errors includeincorrect laying of diffusion film, use of wet wood for roof structures, selection ofpoor-quality materials for structures, etc. However, during the construction of the roof it is necessary to avoid the errors. Otherwise, the roof will be of poor quality, even leaky roof,so you mayface serious problems in future, for example, swollen roof structures.

In order to avoid these types of problems, the roof should be strong, durable and waterproof, with high quality. What people should do to avoidsuch problems?Please contact the roofing professionals. JSC “Gytehus” employees are proud of their long-term experience in the roofing field,so they high-quality provide roofing services.

Considering the client’s demands we provide the following services:

  • roof covering with tiles or sheet metal;
  • roof renovation;
  • works on replacement of the roof structures;
  • installation of roof windows

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