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Renovation of public and multi-apartment buildings is the important factor affecting better living and working conditions. The studies demonstrate that non-renovated buildings generate much more heat than those renovated ones.Thus, if you chose the exterior renovation service, you shall enjoy warmer and aesthetic-looking house, as well as increased value of the immovable property. In addition, after carrying out the building exterior renovation the costs of building maintenance will be reduced. For this reason we offe rto renovate your house also.

We insulate the walls of the building using wool, glass wool, eco wool polystyrene. If the building exterior is made of wood, we replace the external wall panels with new ones, and if the building is made of bricks, we carry out plaster works.

We also replace the building windows, doors, if necessary, as well as provide the painting services. As the company has skilled specialists, exterior renovation is carried out with high quality and as fast as possible.

Examples of renovation works