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The evenings at home or in the homestead will be more pleasant if you build the terrace or arbor. Would you like the terrace would be strong, high-quality and durable? Then choose the company “Gytehus”. Our consultants will find the best option for your house or summer house, answer all your questions related to the design and construction and ensure that you are will be satisfied with result. We work selecting the high-quality materials and gained experience, mainly using green impregnated wood.

Impregnation protects thee wood from:
formation of moulds;

Thus, using green impregnated wood we guarantee high quality of terraces. Would you like the gate near the terrace? Our experienced team will also carry out this work reliably and properly.

It is important to mention that if there is no the possibility to build the terrace and the client wants the exceptional design of the exterior we can offer other service – tile laying.

The tiles are the perfect choice, wishing to provide clean and unique appearanceas if the client wishes different ornaments and shapes can be created from the tiles. No matter if you want to lay out a garden path or garage entrance or parking area, we have experience for all cases and we know how to work to achieve the best results. The tiles laid qualitatively will last a long time and look exclusively and that is exactly what our team seeks.

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